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Through Express Cargo is your source for air freight services with the flexibility to meet your changing needs. With our comprehensive range of time-definite, guaranteed and cost-saving options, Through Express Cargo meet your air freight requirements with reliability and professionalism. Select from transit times ranging from Next Flight Out (NFO), Overnight, or Economy (General Freight) depending on your individual requests.

We can address any challenges you have with transporting your freight by providing innovative ideas and the means to develop and implement solutions to get the job done.

Our tracking systems and proactive approach to customer service provides you with timely updates about the status of your freight. These systems also provide Air Freight customer service teams the tools to keep your shipment on schedule and to provide real time communications with you.

Air Cargo Services

As a world-class one-window-cargo solution provider, Through Express takes your whole shipping experience very seriously.

Through Express gives the authority to our customers to import or export cargo from Canada, China, Dubai & USA to Pakistan by Air. Not only just we ship the cargo, our whole process includes clearing customs and delivering the goods directly to the customers’ address in Pakistan.

Our vast experience gives us a huge competitive advantage of having great terms with different airlines, thus providing the best rates to our customers. Through Express strongly believes that the whole operation of cargo & freight should not be a hassle for the businesses.

Through Express works on the core principal of dedication and motivation. As a One-Window-Cargo Solutions Provider, Through Express deals all aspects of your cargo not only freight forwarding.

Our services of cargo include:

  1. Warehousing
  2. Packing
  3. Shipping
  4. Custom Clearance
  5. DDS (Door-Delivery-Service)

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As a Premium One-Window-Cargo Solutions Provider, Through Express Ensures All These Essential Components of the Process

01. Safety & Security

We ensure that all cargo no matter what it contains, must reach the customer in perfect condition.

06. Handling & Delivery

Through Express gives you the ultimate peace of mind by taking all the burden from your shoulders. Once you contact us your whole shipment process till the last step is our responsibility.

05. Pocket Friendly

Through Express lets the customers decide whether they want our services or not. The difference in the rates given by us and others is HUGE..!!!

02. Speed & Mobility

Through Express utilizes different transportation channels across the globe to deliver your goods from Canada, China, Dubai & USA to Pakistan

03. Ease of Accessibility

Our team of highly experienced staff are there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week. We guide you through every step of the process and help you choose the right options for you cargo.

04. Convenience

We are easy to reach.

Contact us via Whatsapp, on Messenger, write us an email or fill out the form and we will contact you.

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